Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Move from Force to Attraction with Magnetic Marketing

Magnetic Marketing is Now Available in the New Earth Energies!

In the summer of 2014, mid way through a short journey as Community Marketing Agent for a Vegas time share company, my already limited results disappeared. Despite the world class training and adequate leads, I was not able to effectively book tours. I later learned that it had little to do with outside forces. In fact, there was not anything anyone could have done to increase the number of tours I booked. The outcome had everything to do with my soul's calling and the shifting vibration of the planet. Some call this ascension, others the dawn of the New Golden Age. It doesn't matter what you call it, it is real and many are now feeling the effects of these energetic changes.

What is Magnetic Marketing?

Magnetic Marketing is the process of using Transcendent Technologies that become available when one moves beyond the me-thinking focus found on the stage of greatness to we-alchemy available in the field of genius.  With the help of the collective genius available in unity consciousness, evolved entrepreneurs are engaged in co-creating infinite, exponential value for the world.  With each Your Genius Journey, the field of consciousness is expanded providing even more opportunities for authentic teaching and learning.  Together, we are illuminating the heart centered innovations of Genius often hidden in the matrix of mind control or buried deep beneath labels of limitation.  

Are You Ready for Magnetic Marketing?

As we continue to experience vibrational energy shifts, many are still walking in the past.  Each soul has chosen a unique path. There is no right or wrong, merely different experiences. However, if you are finding that what once worked well for you no longer seems to produce your desired results, likely your soul has chosen to follow the rising path of the New Earth energy frequencies.

Sales and marketing will be one of the first areas to illuminate the impact of these changing energies. To prepare yourself for the shift into the New Earth, allow time to sit in the quiet space of your heart and ask yourself these three questions:

1. Are you living your passion, path, and purpose?

You will know the answer when you drop into your heart center in the stillness of your breath. If the answer is no, you may feel a heavy tar like substance surround your every move. If the answer is "yes", you may feel a lightness in your being.

2. Are you serving the true needs of others?

What is your motivation for offering your product, service or unique gift? When one is truly open in the heart and service is the reason for being, the vibrational frequency is aligned and your chosen match is magnetized to you. There is no competition in the field of Genius.  Previous sales tactics that require numerous impressions that overload our systems with persistent email, text and phone calling are dense vibrations that cannot be sustained in the New Earth frequencies.  As the soul continues to rise above, the world we have known will be forever changed.  Attracting your match with Magnetic Marketingbegins with self love and an understanding of ALL that exists in Being human.  The energies of the unseen world must be honored as a powerful force in our existence.

3. Do you believe we live in an abundant world?

Do you believe that we live in an abundant universe? Or, do you feel there is not enough to go around and you have to get your fair share? Those who understand and embody the belief of abundance and prosperity from the space of a peaceful existence, have the ability to turbo-charge the magnetic attraction that is amplified in the New Earth energies with Transcendent Technologies.  If a soul on the path of ascension is living from the space of lack, the magnet will repel potential customers and reflect lack.  In contrast, if the same soul is living from the embodied understanding of an abundant universe, the magnet will attract the perfect match.

Yes.  Yes.  Yes.

If you answered "yes" to the three questions above, you may be ready to turbo-charge your promotion efforts and Elevate Your Game with Magnetic Marketing. If you believe your soul has chosen to rise above and you answered "no" to one or more of the questions above, the Diamond Hearts Alliance can help to awaken, activate, align and attune your heart and mind to the frequency of peace so that you can step into your genius and live your ideal life from the field of Unity Consciousness.

To experience the full power of Magnetic Marketing join the Diamond Heart Alliance

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