Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What are the 3 Centers Necessary to Live in Your Genius?

As we continue to experience the vibrational energy shifts, many are still walking in the past. Each soul has chosen their unique path. There is no right or wrong, merely a chosen experience. However, if you are finding that what once worked well for you no longer seems to produce your desired results, likely your soul has chosen to follow the rising path of the New Earth energy frequencies. Commerce will be the first to illuminate the impact of these changing energies. Vibrational marketing is now fully available in the New Earth Energies and is one answer to diminishing returns.

Vibrational also known as Magnetic Marketing is the process of using an array of transcendent technologies that expand beyond mere words to engage evolved entrepreneurs in co-creating infinite, exponential value for the conscious collective and help provide a safe space for authentic teaching and learning that empowers the unique gifts buried under labels such as autism to be birthed into form.

The Three Centers of Your Genius are Necessary to Apply Magnetic Marketing Principals

1. Heart Centered Innovation

Heart Centered Innovation are Gifts of Love that arise from the inner sanctuary of the heart with the energetic intention that the product or service empowers a new world that rises above and chooses love. These priceless contributions are infused with the energy of love and light and sustainable intent and empowered by the synergy of the conscious collective. Vibrational Marketing is seeded from this sacred place of heart centered innovation.

2. Heart Centered Service

Heart Centered Service ensures that there is a reciprocal energy exchange that honors both the producer and the consumer while serving the highest good for all. This precious offering moves beyond me and embraces we in the space of unity and oneness. Vibrational Marketing is nourished by the radiance of heart centered service.

3. Heart Centered Living

Heart Centered Living embraces each day from the breath of the present moment of being. This mindful practice allows the synergy of open hearts to merge together to form something far greater than one can achieve on one's own. Vibrational Marketing empowers the full blossom of a heart centered living.

If you are ready to expand beyond your wildest dreams and take your heart centered innovation to the next level, the Diamond Heart Alliance, an 11n11 Conscious Collective is here to help. Our programs activate, align and attune your mind, heart and courage to live your passion, path and purpose to turbo-charge your marketing efforts in the synergy of the Conscious Collective. Together, we join together as ONE and rise above.

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