Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marian's Garden - From Blue Bud to Pink Blossom

The Sanctuary became the Chalice for the blossoming of Marian's Garden.  Marian's Garden is not just any ordinary garden for it has been evolving for eons.  Situated within the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona between the mystical vortices of energy of Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and the Twin Buttes, The Garden and The Chapel of Divine Magic that is nestled by sacred grounds, has been fully charged with Divine Light with the help of many.

The continued evolution of Marian's Garden beyond that has been shared in Parts 1 and 2 is not to be read.  Rather, it must be experienced.  When we meet face to face, heart to heart and soul to soul, the soil is fertile for sharing.

Until then, InJOY the Journey. . .

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Marian's Garden - From Seed to Bud

The journey to Oregon was not direct.  It took me through Los Angeles to connect with two young masters who had come into Sedona prior to my trip to Pinetop.  After an hour in LA, I was guided to Yosemite before heading to northern California.  The whirlwind of change had come so quickly that I had completely forgotten about the house in Sedona I had visited the night before.  As I continued the journey to Oregon and got near Napa Valley, I heard, "You need to call the owner and see if you can meet with her tomorrow morning?" The day before, she shared that she was now living in Northern California after spending eight years in Sedona.  I called and we agreed to meet at 10 am the next morning at a cafe in a small town in Northern California.
As I perused the travel materials in my Windsor time-share, I learned that there was an Old Faithful Geyser nearby.  I knew that I was to visit the Geyser before I met with the home owner.  As I sat at the picnic table awaiting the next eruption, I heard, "Take out your checkbook and write a check dated May 1, 2011 in the amount of $#### for May rent."  My questioning mind was aroused.  I wondered if I would even have that much money in my account on May 1st.  My daughter was graduating college in June and I wondered if I would even be back to Sedona for the month of May.  Through the chatter of my monkey mind, I chose love instead of fear and wrote the check leaving it attached to my checkbook.
When I arrived at the cafe an hour later, the homeowner shared that she had had a real "dark night of the soul" the night before because she wasn't feeling supported by the universe.  She explained that she had tried to sell the Sedona house a couple years before.  When the final listing expired, she decided to rent the house out to cover the cost of the mortgage.  She was tired of managing the house rental and wanted to sell, but the thought of putting it up for sale again was daunting.    

After she shared her story, I was guided by the still small voice within to pull out my check book and hand her the check.  In that moment, the words of Angels flowed through me.  "I am here to help you flip your thinking.  Consider the house is no longer for rent.  Your mortgage is taken care of.  Now you can sell your house."  After Love finished speaking, my human shared the truth of what I could see.  I didn't know if I would be back to Sedona in May.  And I wasn't sure if I would have money in my bank account on May 1st to cover the check.  In that moment, we made a verbal agreement in the space of love.  I told her that I was willing to rent the house for her stated price when I returned to Sedona and that I would open the door to her chosen potential buyers.  She agreed to call me before she deposited the check and we both agreed to give each other 30 days notice upon vacating.  In that moment of strength and clarity, both she and I stood in a place of love and let our fears fall away, sealing our agreement with a hug.  

I continued my journey to Oregon.  As I drove the road towards Mt. Shasta, I had visions of making a deep blue native American cedar drum.  When I stopped for the night, I could hear the still small voice within directing me to call the woman who made my red drum to see if I could make a drum with her.  When I phoned her, she shared that in just a few days, a group of women from Ashland where gathering to make drums and that she had just prepared a blue hide.  Her message took my breath away.  My logical side wanted to complete the five hour journey to my Oregon home to save any further travel costs.  But, the still small voice within was clear.  I was to make my blue drum with the Goddess Circle from Ashland.  For the next couple days, I retreated to a small room in a home sanctuary in the snowy fir trees to write.    

That Saturday a rainbow of drums were made as each of us journeyed deep within.  Spirit provided a platform for deep connection and healing as I partnered with a beautiful woman making her green drum.  The following day, I left Mt. Shasta.  My journey required a brief stop at Crater Lake to photograph my red and blue drums in the crisp white backdrop of nature.  The vivid royal blue of my drum radiated the same color as Crater Lake.

In May, after a two-day sale in Oregon that cleared nearly the entire contents of my 2,500 square foot home, Divine Magic called me back to Sedona.  This time, I pulled a 4 x 6 U-Haul trailer containing the remains of my estate behind my royal blue Honda CRV, Mike, to my Sedona home sanctuary.  I returned to Oregon in June for my daughter's graduation.  With the help of many angels, I was able to rent the beautiful Sedona home for five months as the owner advertised the home for sale. 

On September 13, 2011, I awoke with, "On September 15th your are giving your 30 day notice."  "What?  Where am I going?" my mind questioned.  I told myself, if I awakened on the 15th and the guidance was still the same, I would give my notice.  On September 15th, I gave my 30 day notice to leave the beautiful Sanctuary.  Two days after I gave notice, I received a call from the homeowner that someone visiting Sedona wanted to see the house.  When I opened the door to show the home, I knew that the woman at the door was to be the caretaker of this sacred space.  We connected in a place of knowing.  During her Sedona stay, I was guided to take her on the land and we shared a transformational journey in a place of power and beauty.

When I moved out of the Sanctuary in October 2011, an offer to purchase the Sedona house had not yet been received.  I  was allowed to store my things neatly in the garage.  I helped the owner with an estate sale to prepare the house to be listed with a realtor.  Once again, I found myself bouncing around Sedona.  This time, house sitting in a cozy cabin up the canyon for a couple weeks and rotating between the couches of friends. 

That November, I was gifted with an airline ticket to Oregon for a family Thanksgiving.  When I returned to Sedona, I learned that the Sanctuary had been sold.  A few days later, the woman I shared the transformational journey with phoned to share that the house would close in January.  She had to sell her house in Alabama before moving and didn't want to leave the Sedona house vacant.  She asked me if I would like to move back into The Sanctuary for a few months.

Spirit always provides. . .I am so blessed. 

Little did I know that the magic had just begun. . .       

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What are the 3 Centers Necessary to Live in Your Genius?

As we continue to experience the vibrational energy shifts, many are still walking in the past. Each soul has chosen their unique path. There is no right or wrong, merely a chosen experience. However, if you are finding that what once worked well for you no longer seems to produce your desired results, likely your soul has chosen to follow the rising path of the New Earth energy frequencies. Commerce will be the first to illuminate the impact of these changing energies. Vibrational marketing is now fully available in the New Earth Energies and is one answer to diminishing returns.

Vibrational also known as Magnetic Marketing is the process of using an array of transcendent technologies that expand beyond mere words to engage evolved entrepreneurs in co-creating infinite, exponential value for the conscious collective and help provide a safe space for authentic teaching and learning that empowers the unique gifts buried under labels such as autism to be birthed into form.

The Three Centers of Your Genius are Necessary to Apply Magnetic Marketing Principals

1. Heart Centered Innovation

Heart Centered Innovation are Gifts of Love that arise from the inner sanctuary of the heart with the energetic intention that the product or service empowers a new world that rises above and chooses love. These priceless contributions are infused with the energy of love and light and sustainable intent and empowered by the synergy of the conscious collective. Vibrational Marketing is seeded from this sacred place of heart centered innovation.

2. Heart Centered Service

Heart Centered Service ensures that there is a reciprocal energy exchange that honors both the producer and the consumer while serving the highest good for all. This precious offering moves beyond me and embraces we in the space of unity and oneness. Vibrational Marketing is nourished by the radiance of heart centered service.

3. Heart Centered Living

Heart Centered Living embraces each day from the breath of the present moment of being. This mindful practice allows the synergy of open hearts to merge together to form something far greater than one can achieve on one's own. Vibrational Marketing empowers the full blossom of a heart centered living.

If you are ready to expand beyond your wildest dreams and take your heart centered innovation to the next level, the Diamond Heart Alliance, an 11n11 Conscious Collective is here to help. Our programs activate, align and attune your mind, heart and courage to live your passion, path and purpose to turbo-charge your marketing efforts in the synergy of the Conscious Collective. Together, we join together as ONE and rise above.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A Student in the Classroom of Genius

Living Life in Magnetic Vibration

December 9, 2014

"Get up. Put your purple pants on and take a walk on The Strip," I heard the still small voice whisper with persistency just before my 5 am awakening. It was May 19, 2014, eleven days before the ending of my part-time, temporary tutoring assignment. Nearly seven years had passed since I left my high school teaching position to enter the heart of education--education of the heart. My entire life savings, and then some, had been spent on failed attempts to launch my passion's purpose. First, through a non-profit in Oregon and then an LLC in Arizona. After months of focused job searches in Arizona, Oregon and Nevada, on March 3rd, I put the remains of my estate into a 10' x 10' storage unit in Sedona, Arizona. A friend sent me money for gas. And I drove 20 hours to Oregon where I had family and friends who could offer me room and board.

In early April, I received a phone call from the Clark County School District in Las Vegas regarding a part-time tutoring job that I had applied for three months earlier. There was no interview. Merely, an inquiry, "Do you still want the job? Can you come in for orientation on April 24th and start training on the 25th?" Finally, an open window to the next chapter I had been waiting. On April 21, 2014, I moved my things from Sedona, knowing I had been called to Vegas for purpose and reason. After over thirty years of engaging, enlightening and empowering the highest potential in others, for the first time in seven years, I had a steady job with scheduled hours and an inward flow of money--at least for five weeks.

As I approached the final weeks of my tutoring assignment, I observed the rise and fall of fear. Once again, I found myself facing the unknown. I had dedicated my life to living thee highest potential of my Divine Mission and was living into it one step at a time. I spent seven years, mastering the art of being, learning to listen, trust and allow. I knew the drill. Keep your vibration high. Don't succumb to fear. Stay connected. Listen. Trust. Allow. In mid-May, I came upon a promotional card on the counter in a women's restroom in a Vegas casino. I visited the web site and inquired about a conference to be held the weekend of May 16th at the MGM. I waited for an email confirmation with details about the event. When the weekend came and I still had not heard anything, I let it go. I had walked the journey long enough to know that if I needed to be somewhere, all would come together with grace and ease.

On Monday, May 19th, tutors were not scheduled to work. So, I did not have a schedule--so I thought. That morning, I was guided to take a walk. As I walked The Strip, I stayed connected to the still small voice within. While walking through Caesar's Palace, I heard, "Go ask the man at the booth to tell you about what he does." I had applied for many jobs with his company, even had three interviews, but had not been offered a job. I approached the man and asked, "Tell me about this?" as I motioned to the sign on the counter. He shared about his job and asked, "Do you want a job?" to which I replied, "Yes." He told me to go across the street and talk to the manager. I was elated. Once again, the still small voice was guiding me in ways that were beyond logic. I raced home to change my clothes, print my resume and update my online application. When I arrived, I was ready. After responding to a few questions, the manager said, "This is your lucky day," and asked me to come back at 4 pm for a Meet and Greet.

When I exited the meeting, I checked my silenced phone and found a text from an unknown number that said, "Your lunch is waiting for you at the MGM. Bill Walsh is speaking at noon." It was 11:40 am. I jumped in my car and headed through The Strip traffic to the MGM. I arrived at 12:05 pm to a large conference room filled with empty chairs and a group seated on stage with a man with a flip chart. I quietly found a chair in one of the empty chairs below the stage, not wanting to create a commotion. I listened. I resonated, especially with the man's word choice. "I AM. . .a Rainmaker. I AM . . .a money magnet." My entire being knew the power of I AM. When the group broke for lunch, Bill Walsh invited anyone interested in learning more about the Speaker Camp to pull up a chair in the back of the room. I sat. I listened. I knew that one day I would work with Bill Walsh and Powerteam International. And, I knew that it wasn't yet time.

Days later, I opened a fresh journal and wrote:

Action Research
May 23, 2014
I believe that when each person brings forth the unique talents that are theirs to share with the world, all will be able to live in JOY and THRIVE in prosperity with all our needs met abundantly!!!
To qualify my belief, I will begin with action research to demonstrate we can focus on the highest good for all and clarify targets to exceed measurable goals.

On June 7, 2014, after waiting two weeks for a background check, I began training for a Community Marketing Agent. Three months later, when I moved from a part-time night owl with minimal expected results and entered a full-time position with monthly quotas, I learned that the time share position became a conflict between my ego personality and the call of my soul. Not all will see, feel or have this same experience as it is directly related to the choice of the soul's earth experience.

For those of you who are finding that you are doing the same thing that produced desired results in the past, yet you are no longer achieving your desired outcomes, you, too, may find that your soul is calling you to rise above and thrive in the New Earth energies. Vibrational Marketing is now fully available in the New Earth Energies and might just be the tool.

December 9, 2014

Over six months after my first exposure to Powerteam International, I was gifted attendance to the Ultimate Wealth Camp. At 2 am, December 9, 2014, I wrote an essay to enter a contest to receive a $50,000 Powerteam business make-over. My essay got me to the stage. The audience had me share the stage with the top five contestants. The December 9, 2014, entry above is the beginning of my essay. And below is the end of my essay entry.

On September 7, 2014, I completed a powerful exercise that included making two lists. On a blue legal pad, I listed the 100 People in my Life that I AM Grateful for and the 10 people I would love to do business with. When I opened the notepad in early November after completing my assignment with the time share, I found that Bill Walsh was listed as the #1 person I would love to do business with. Today, nearly seven months later, I NOW KNOW that it is TIME to launch Diamond Hearts International with laser beam focus.

It's time to make a priceless investment in eternity by using Transcendent Technologies and Vibrational Marketing to engage evolved entrepreneurs in co-creating infinite, exponential value for the conscious collective and provide a safe space for authentic teaching and learning that empowers the unique gifts buried under labels such as autism to be birthed into form.

I know that Diamond Hearts International has wings and the Diamond Heart Alliance will offer the wheels to land this craft.  Together, we will be the world leader in helping move the fantasies of heart centered innovators into form. As I write, I can feel radiant hearts and minds will saying "thank you" for helping bring our brilliant visions to the world of form. On this day, I invite you to join together, rise above limitations and Just BE You!

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