Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marian's Garden - From Blue Bud to Pink Blossom

The Sanctuary became the Chalice for the blossoming of Marian's Garden.  Marian's Garden is not just any ordinary garden for it has been evolving for eons.  Situated within the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona between the mystical vortices of energy of Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and the Twin Buttes, The Garden and The Chapel of Divine Magic that is nestled by sacred grounds, has been fully charged with Divine Light with the help of many.

The continued evolution of Marian's Garden beyond that has been shared in Parts 1 and 2 is not to be read.  Rather, it must be experienced.  When we meet face to face, heart to heart and soul to soul, the soil is fertile for sharing.

Until then, InJOY the Journey. . .

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